7/17/2013 04:04:00 PM

Where to Break Ramadan Fasts With Middle Eastern Food

During the month of Ramadan (July 8-August 7) observant Muslims don’t eat or drink from sunrise to sunset. Breaking the fast (iftar) is often done at a communal feast that can last for hours, traditionally beginning with dates, followed by rich and flavorful soups, appetizers, rice dishes, meats and desserts. Darna, a dramatically decorated Lebanese restaurant that opened in Arlington last April, is recreating this experience with a buffet of authentic dishes. Expect items like lamb marinated in yoghurt (mansaf) and delectable sweets like kanafa (shredded wheat with sugar-glazed sweet cheese and pistachios), along with alcoholic cocktails, like hawa, a mixture of gin and fresh cucumber juice with a creamy egg white topping, and traditional non-alcoholic drinks (buffet begins at 8 PM; $24.95; 946 N. Jackson St., Arlington, VA; 703-988-2373).

Whether you’re fasting, or simply looking to enjoy Middle Eastern fare, here are some other good bets: Bamian, Kebob Bazaar, Kebob ‘n’ Karahi, Layalina, Me Jana, Neyla, Ravi Kabob.

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