7/17/2013 12:30:00 PM

Update: Fox & Obel Shut Down Due to Health Code Violation

Gourmet grocer Fox & Obel had a not-so-pleasant visit from the health inspector yesterday. The Streeterville market was abruptly closed due to a health code violation. According to Crain's, a representative from the store said, “Fox & Obel is in the process of complying with the Health Department of Chicago and will re-open as soon as possible.” This is not the first time the 12-year-old business has gotten in trouble: in 2011 the owners owed $300,000 in backed rent and risked losing vendors due to late payments. It also faced issues last year due to unpaid employees.

DNA Info obtained the health inspector's report, which was prompted by a case of food poisoning. The inspector found 200 live fruit flies on the walls and ceiling as well as 30 live cockroaches in the kitchen and bakery. After an initial inspection, Fox & Obel 10 ten days to address issues such as stained cutting boards and ceiling tiles, greasy equipment, a missing door on the pastry display case, and re-grouting floors. They failed to meet the requirements and were shut down immediately. Fox & Obel remains closed while they attempt to pass a follow-up inspection.

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