7/17/2013 11:05:00 AM

Union Square Night Market Tonight, Meatball Shop Chelsea's Outdoor Seating

The green market
Tonight the Union Square Greenmarket is celebrating its 37th birthday, and that means snacks for you. Form 4 PM to 8 PM a number of restaurants that use goods from the purveyors will join the servers and offer prepared food. You can snack on goodies from spots like Craft and Tocqueville along with music from The Blue Vipers and Greenmarket beer, which will be on offer in the pavilion. Get info here.

A little farther uptown, the newest location of The Meatball Shop has added some outdoor seating. A 20-seat patio will be open from noon to 11 PM. It's way hot out, but if you want to brave the weather for some alfresco seating, remember that the joint does offer ice-cream sandwiches along with its signature meaty options.


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