7/12/2013 11:13:00 AM

Tourism to Myanmar Booming

Photo courtesy of Orient Express
Newfound political freedom has transformed Myanmar from one of the world's most isolated countries into a tourist hotspot. The number of travelers is expected to multiply seven times by 2020 to 7.5 million visitors per year, the New York Times reports. Hotels are scrambling to keep pace with the explosive growth. But in the meantime, luxury travel companies have launched river cruises. Orient Express, which owns the colonial-style Governor's Residence in the capital of Yangon, this month will launch the Orcaella, a 200-foot, 25-cabin luxury boat that will ply the Irrawaddy River, visiting golden temples and small villages. The boat will also ply the less-touristed Chindwin River, traveling from Mandalay to Homalin near the border with India. What do you think? Is Myanmar on your travel wishlist?

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