7/10/2013 12:54:00 PM

Tipping in Restaurants: Would We All Be Better Off Without It?

A Slate writer pens a strongly worded op-ed against the custom of tipping in restaurants arguing the following: "Tipping does not incentivize hard work. The factors that correlate most strongly to tip size have virtually nothing to do with the quality of service. Credit card tips are larger than cash tips. Large parties with sizable bills leave disproportionately small tips. We tip servers more if they tell us their names, touch us on the arm, or draw smiley faces on our checks."

The writer even proposes a solution to the problem that involves writing state and federal government and asking them to abolish the tip credit and secondly: "Announce your tipping practice to your server as soon as you sit down. Virtually every other employee in America knows how much they’ll be paid up front, and somehow the man who sells me shoes and the woman who does my dry cleaning still manage to provide adequate service."

In our experience as a server, anyone who announces what kind of tipper they are up front usually tends to be a bad one. Are you pro or anti tip? Let us know in the comments.


  1. The reason why waiting jobs don't pay well is because the customers are except to tip and over the restaurant owner. I do tip because my none tipping is going to change anything but i wish i didn't have to.


  2. T.I.P.S is a pseudonym for 'To Insure Proper Service. ' You figure it out!

  3. Mr. Pink in Reservoir Dogs explains it best. No Tipping!

  4. Without tipping the restaurants would have to increase hourly pay and the consumer would pick up the labor cost through higher menu prices. Which means you would pay no matter what. At least with tipping you can mitigate the expense based on your experience. No tip for bad service.

  5. I urge everyone to work as a server at least once in their life. People are very rude and insensitive these days. 4.65 an hour is what a server makes. Take out uncle Sams cut and what does a server bring home after that? As a former server I have been cursed at, spat on, and Physically assaulted. The job is a lot harder than one may assume. If you don't want to tip, stay home. It is cheaper and you can enjoy your own nasty attitude with privacy!!

    1. Servers make $2.13 an hour in Texas.

    2. The root of the problem is restaurants in America not paying their staff properly. In the UK, we have minimum wage by law, which is currently around $9.35 for over 21s, and many restaurants pay staff higher than this.

      In restaurants, diners usually pay around 10-12.5% tip if they have received good service and sometimes a standard service charge is added, like the place I dined tonight.

      I've been a server in the UK when I was younger and tips felt like a bonus rather than essential to making ends meet. I hope a fair standard wage is implemented so that US servers don't have to rely so much on diners for their wage.

  6. Anti tip..I dont get tips neither does a doctor or a nurse I'd rather pay more for a meal than have some lazy waitress screw everything up. Most of them are rude anyway.