7/18/2013 03:07:00 PM

The Best Thing We Drank Last Night: Grasshopper at The Butterfly

Sure, Michael White's patty melt is absolutely worth a visit, but his new retro-joint The Butterfly is really about the cocktails. Eben Freeman is the maestro behind the list here and it's a lineup of classics with modern twists. A classic stoli martini is made mind blowing with the addition of some mineral salt brine and a whiskey sour is sweetened up with some maple syrup.

We also loved the grasshopper, a classic ditty that we haven't seen on any other menu around the city. The drink is creamy and minty and it's sweet enough to serve as dessert (the barman warned us off of ordering it pre-meal). It comes with a small eye dropper, which you can use to add pandan extract, a nutty green mixture that adds an electric hue to the libation. Which was fitting, since after drinking it we were lit in an extra classy way.


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