7/23/2013 04:00:00 PM

The Best Thing We Ate for National Hot Dog Day: Belly Dog at Belly Shack

For fear of eliciting a riot, we’re not going to tell you where our favorite hot dog is. However, here might be a good place to start looking for a stellar Chicago-style dog. Instead, for national Hot Dog Day, we chowed down with one of the more creative takes on classic encased meat.

The Belly Dog at Belly Shack is what would be served at a baseball stadium in Japan. The classic beef frank is topped with crispy egg noodles. Noodles on a hot dog? That’s crazy! Yes it is, but the tender noodles with their crispy edges almost act as a second bun around the dog, which is served in a soft roll with a crusty exterior. Rather than pickles, this hot dog is dressed in green papaya. True to Chicago tradition, there is no ketchup, but there is also no mustard. Instead, the only condiment is chili paste, but the curry mayonnaise served with the Togarashi fries is also an excellent addition to the flavorful combo.

At $9, it costs more than the typical hot dog stand selection. But this eating experience is worth the few extra dollars. In the mood for other unconventional hot dogs? Try the Sonoran at Big Star or visit the odd-dog emporium known as Franks 'n' Dogs.


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