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Talula’s Daily Will Begin Accepting Reservations This Weekend

Like the Kennett Square original Talula’s Table, Talula’s Daily will be much more than a gourmet market. When it opens later this month on Washington Square, Aimee Olexy’s newest venture will offer the neighborhood a place for easy but well-crafted meals throughout the day, and also offer diners from all over a new destination for supper in the city.

Beyond the cafe counter near the entrance, the step-up room that provides 24 casual seats and 10 counter stools from 7 AM-7 PM daily will transform into a restaurant with table service. Reservations for parties of one to a dozen people will be accepted from 7:30-9 PM, Tuesday-Sunday (the reservation line will open this Saturday, July 20; you'll find it here).

Dinner will be prix fixe, $50 for four or so courses: hors d’oeuvres, house-baked bread, starter, entree, Olexy’s famous cheeses (on a cart) and dessert. The menu by chef de cuisine Scott Megill will change each month. Service will be partly individual, partly family-style. “There might be a bowl of summer salad to pass around,” Olexy explains, “Or you could be served a bowl of ice cream that you then top yourself with a spoonful of hot berry cobbler from the middle of the table.” Beer and wine will be available to order with your supper.

During the daytime, these rough-hewn tables won’t be set, save for a few books scattered across the tops; instead they’ll provide a place for you to sit and read or work (free Wi-Fi is available) after you’ve picked up your espresso, scone, wine, beer, cheese plate, salad or sandwich. “My vision for the space was, ‘What is everything you would want if you lived nearby,’” says Olexy, who will run the market in partnership with Stephen Starr, just like Talula’s Garden, with which Talula’s Daily shares the ground floor of the Ayer Condominiums.

Olexy discusses decor with former Philadelphia Inquirer food columnist Rick Nichols.
About that booze: 12-14 wines are available by the glass (all organic and natural), along with a handful of craft beer in bottles plus two on draft, because “There isn’t anywhere in Philly you can take your own glass of wine or beer to your table to enjoy with a casual lunch without worrying about waitstaff.” One of the starting pours is a special Victory beer called Sommerbock, brewed specially for this venture. Growlers of beer will be available to go.

For the evening meal, each table will be in full dress, adorned with an ever-changing assortment of eclectic and elegant tableware. That’s thanks to Anthropologie - the company has partnered with Olexy to showcase its chic urban-Euro housewares “in situ” on the evening farm tables at The Daily. Everything from wine glasses to plates to serving dishes will come from Anthropologie collections - if you fall in love with a certain item during your meal, you'll be able to buy it for yourself in stores or online.

“I know we’ll probably have more things break than if we bought industrial dishes,” says Olexy, “but it’s so much nicer to sip coffee from a pretty mug. In general, there’s probably plenty of ways to make more money with this space, but I’ve wanted to do this since Talula’s Garden opened. The space just felt like a market to me. I want this to be a neighborhood hub, I want people to hang out here.”

Pastry chef Vita Shanley makes the daily bread, which will include croissants 
210 W. Washington Sq.; 215-592-6555

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