7/24/2013 10:15:00 AM

Swiss Haus Bakery Hit With Another Tip Jar Theft

Cafes and other counter-service shops: secure your tip jars! It’s an unfortunate reality that some people will steal easy money, even if they know it’s not right. Just last week, a woman walked out with the entire jar at Swiss Haus Bakery, and this week, the Rittenhouse sweets shop was hit again. Watch as the dude above sticks his hand in and swipes a wad of cash, like it’s his own personal cookie jar.

We stopped in to Bean Exchange this morning and were sad to read this note on the jar at the Bella Vista cafe’s counter: “TIPS FOR KUNG FU LESSONS (to combat the nerd who stole our tip jar).” Employees confirmed that the entire jar was recently stolen here, too. Obviously this is not an isolated problem.

Swiss Haus owner Jim Hausman says he filed a police report about each theft, but that he understands the perpetrators probably won’t be caught - Philly cops have limited resources and time. He is planning to make the tip jar harder to remove, maybe by screwing it to the counter, and also to redesign the top so it’s not as easy to reach in and remove cash.


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