7/18/2013 04:00:00 PM

Sneak Peek: Umami Burbank's 7 New Hot Dogs (and One Corn Dog!)

Yesterday Umami Burger opened its umpteenth location on the Burbank and Toluca Lake border, replacing the former and beloved Papoo's Hot Dog Show where Riverside and Alameda meet. It's also where Mo's serves comfort fare and Bob's Big Boy doles out diner dishes across the street. In short: this is an Americana corner. Because Umami kept some of the signage of Papoo's touting the Show Burger and "7 Varieties of Hot Dogs" (though sadly not the hot dog angel), this basically gave the burger chain its location-specific burger option, and a chance to do more hot dogs.

Gourmet and traditional links are still wildly popular around LA, and Umami has served hot dogs before - all made with a juicy proprietary beef-blend frank on the same Portuguese buns (only oblong) and signature toppings - but this is the first time half the menu is dedicated to the all-American treat. There's a chili dog, one topped with Parmesan crisps and roasted tomatoes à la the original burger, and even a corn dog. Oh, and they're all $5.50 a pup, er, pop. Take a look below at the new hot dog offerings. Umami Burbank opens daily for lunch and dinner, and will add brunch, the first for the chain, come August.


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