7/11/2013 05:27:00 PM

Smackdowns: Marc Vetri Talks Philly vs. Brooklyn

It's way beyond the point where people are saying that Brooklyn is the next Manhattan, but is Philly the next Brooklyn? Well, the chef was in the hot borough this week, cooking a BBQ at Good Company with Amis chef Brad Spence. A lot of Brooklyn institutions have been making their way to the city of Brotherly Love - witness BK Flea, Barcade and Fette Sau.

Was Vetri's spell behind the grill a counter assault? Not so much. "I think there's sort of a synergy going on between Philly and Brooklyn. They're doing cool things, we're doing cool things. We're all having fun," the chef said. "When these guys asked us to do this, it was. No brainer." The crowd seemed to agree, scarfing dishes like a mortadella hotdog with thick cut bacon, beer cheese and onions and baked cannellini beans with speck and San Marzano Tomatoes.


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