7/25/2013 02:47:00 PM

Private Jet Owners Might Soon Get Private Runway Hotels

Rendering courtesy of Margot Krasojevic
Why bother with the tedious helicopter ride from your private jet to your hotel suite when you could just have the hotel parked on the runway? That's the thinking behind a new project proposed for an airport in Qatar, Wired reports. A private client hired architect Margot Krasojevic to design a self-contained mini-hotel for short stays right off the runway. The space-agey design includes a small lounge, bathroom and sleeping area. It also has a rainwater filtration system, modular design for easy transport and trippy visuals courtesy of LED lights, laminated glass and photovoltaic cells. No words on when or if these swank digs will be come a reality. But we're pretty excited by the idea of jetting Jetsons-style.