7/08/2013 05:26:00 PM

Photo of they Day: Why Is There a Pool on Red Door’s Patio?

Question: Why is there a pool on Red Door’s patio? Answer: Why not? Real answer: To raise money for recently-hospitalized restaurant employee Michael Davis. Davis was attempting to break up a bar fight outside the bar where he works in Rogers Park, when two assailants ambushed him, beating him with a bat. Davis suffered from a broken jaw and several missing teeth following the Father’s Day attack.

New non-profit, Un86’d, stepped in to help ease the burden of David’s medical bills by hosting a fundraiser at the Bucktown bar. The BBQ and hot dog cook-off features chefs from Bistro Bordeaux, Homestead, The Bluebird, Bangers & Lace and Publican Quality Meats. Refreshments in the form of punch are provided by Olmeca Altos and Rhum Clement. The party will also include a water balloon-throwing contest, raffle, gourmet Jell-O shots and poolside debauchery.

The party has already begun, so, what are you waiting for? It continues until 9 PM. Tickets cost $20 and include three tokens for hot dogs, punch or PBR. Those who cannot attend the event can donate to Davis at Go Fund Me.

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  1. Nice ideas about pools and patios.....

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