7/18/2013 05:30:00 PM

Photo of the Day: Un86’d’s Help With Hot Sauce

The new non-profit Un86’d has had no problem gaining support from industry folks - at a recent event they raised over $7000 to cover the medical expenses of an injured bar employee. What they need now is more awareness from those outside the biz, say people having lunch at Publican Quality Meats. Now available on the shelves of PQM are bottles of Help with Hot Sauce made by Masa Azul’s chef Jonathan Zaragoza. The sauce, called Mayhem, is sold for $6 and only 24 were made. Once the limited edition Arbol chili sauce sells out, sauce made by another guest chef will be available. Chefs, including Rick Gresh of David Burke’s Primehouse, design and name their sauce. Currently, the sauces are only sold at PQM, but more locations will be added soon.


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