7/08/2013 06:59:00 PM

Photo of the Day: Roy Choi's Pineapple Whip Float at 3 Worlds Cafe

A pineapple whip float a la Roy Choi sounds just about right. The Kogi maestro debuted 3 Worlds Cafe, a new smoothie shop in Downtown LA this weekend. It's not just smoothies like that cool-looking one above, but also coffee and "smiles," so the chef says via his website. 3 Worlds is a collab between the Kogi BBQ, Dole Packaged Foods, Jefferson High School, the Coalition for Responsible Community and the local South Central community.

"We have been serving these fruit drinks and such for two years here in South Central on the low and they've been a hit. If the stuff was whack, then we might not be at this point. Good flavor knows no bounds and this is just a small step to putting cafes and restaurants in the inner cities and growth for all," he told Squid Ink. "The future of our inner cities is something we can all look ourselves in the eye about and contribute. And look...we are talking about a chef driven fruit cafe and coffee stand in South LA. Imagine where it goes from here," he tells us today. There was an opening party over the weekend, and it seems a lot of fellow chefs and Kogi followers showed up (it was open to the public). No word if Jon Favreau was there.


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