7/24/2013 11:54:00 AM

Photo of the Day: A Page from La Condesa’s Guidebook

When we talked to La Condesa’s chef and owner Rene Ortiz earlier today, he told us all about the studies he writes on different ingredients, types of cuisine and so on. He provides them to his kitchen staff in a big guidebook when they first join the team. He says:

“You see the ingredient, you profile it, the origin, its medicinal purpose, cultural purpose, celebratory food. There’s guidelines to what it is and history. Because it’s really a story about people. I always like seeing how Pangaea worked together and how it separated. Like the parcel: empanada, steam bun, samosa, spring roll, egg roll - it’s all the same s*%t. How did everybody figure that out? That’s part of the study of understanding what food history is. I love that part of food education, and providing that to the staff is wonderful.” 
Here’s a page from his massive employee guidebook for La Condesa. Look closely and you’ll see recipes for huaraches and pork belly.


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