7/22/2013 07:00:00 PM

Photo of the Day: "It's A Boy!" Cupcakes at Sprinkles

Out of the million of women around the world giving birth today, there's only one people care about: Kate Middleton and Prince William had a baby boy!! If you were one of the many who actually bet money on whether the royal baby would be a girl, you...wasted a lot of money on something completely ridiculous. One thing we can maybe get behind, if only because you can eat them, are Sprinkles's "gender reveal" cupcakes, which the cupcakery has had at all locations this week. These are usually a sweet way for expectant mothers to reveal the sex of their baby to others, but the little confections have been a hot seller while the world awaited the labor pains of the Duchess of Cambridge. Eh...pink or blue, boy or girl, who gives a flying sweet tooth. Just give us a cupcake.


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