7/10/2013 07:25:00 PM

Photo of the Day: DK Donuts' Kronut

The Cronut knock-offs keep coming. We had a tester at Cooks County, and Sharlena Fong is doing a lovely "crullant" at Semi Sweet Bakery. Now comes DK Donuts' sugar bomb, the Kronut. What makes this different than Dominique Ansel's original in New York? Well, it's in Santa Monica, for one. It's also more like a donut-Cronut-sandwich, in which the pastry is split in half and filled with sugary whipped cream, strawberry or Nutella icing. According to Thrillist, which discovered the treat, on one hand it's crispy, fried, flaky and sugary. Delicious. On the other: "It tastes like diabetes."


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