7/01/2013 07:00:00 PM

Photo of the Day: The "Crullant" at Semi Sweet Bakery

Local pastry chefs are jumping on the Cronut bandwagon. Last month, Cooks County's Roxana Jullapat gave it a go and held a mini preview at the Beverly Boulevard restaurant (we liked it, but she's not putting it on the menu). Another one of our favorites, Sharlena Fong, the creator of Nickel Diner's original maple bacon donut, has done the sweet treat justice at Semi Sweet Bakery in Downtown LA. The "crullant," a croissant-donut hybrid, is baked but not yet iced - she's working on that part, and while Dominquie Ansel's original Cronut goes for $5 and causes endlessly long lines in New York, Fong's is a mere $3.95 and available at the bakery as of this past Saturday.


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