7/02/2013 01:05:00 PM

Philly Succumbs to the Cronut Craze: Pre-Order at Swiss Haus Bakery

Not-cronuts at Swiss Haus Bakery
We were holding out hope that Philly pastry chefs would avoid jumping on the latest dessert craze, but as of this week, the first Cronut copycat is here. Yesterday, Swiss Haus Bakery in Rittenhouse began serving the Swiss Cro-crème, according to the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Like the original by New York’s Dominique Ansel (and several imitators from Chicago to Los Angeles), the new pastry is a round of croissant dough that’s fried like a donut. Swiss Haus then fills the sweets with vanilla pastry cream and tops them with cinnamon glaze.

Swiss Cro-crèmes go for $5 each, but that hasn’t kept them from selling out each morning so far. To try to keep up with demand, the 19th Street bakery has just announced that you can call to pre-order (two per person) the night before, though the total number they’ll serve is still limited. If you do get your order in on time, expect it to emerge from the oven around 11 AM (215-563-0759).


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