7/03/2013 10:40:00 AM

Pete Wells Give Two Stars To the Cool Uncle Boons

The worst nightmare for NYC restaurant owners happened at Uncle Boons. NY Times dining critic Pete Wells was in the house for one of his reviews, and the power went out. Thankfully the critic was so taken with the food that he didn't care about this snafu. He awarded the restaurant two stars in this weeks review, praising the joint's food, cool vibe, and even cooler beer slushies. His reaction when the power went out (read the full review here):

"We didn’t stop eating, though. I would bring my own generator if that’s what it took to finish the mee krob with fried sweetbreads. In many Thai restaurants in the United States, the fried noodles in mee krob are dispatched into dissolved brown sugar with trace amounts of fish sauce and lime juice. The result is as interesting as spaghetti in pancake syrup. The sauce at Uncle Boons, which starts with tamarind pulp and palm sugar, was rounded and rich and deeply engaging."

We were also taken with the joint, which landed a slot on our Hottest Openings list. Check that out here.


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