7/10/2013 09:32:00 AM

NY Times Review Lights Up Alder With Two Stars

In this week's Dining Section Pete Wells filed his much-anticipated review of Wylie Dufresne's Alder, and the critic was impressed with the molecular-minded chef's follow up to his famed WD-50. Wells sings the praises of Dufresne's mad-scientist fare, which is presented in a more casual environment at his second venture. Many of the playful presentations are called out as successes, and although a misfire or two are noted, the joint gets two stars (and the critic goes a little wacky in the review with Oliver Sacks metaphors). Read the full review here, and check out the takeaway:

"With such ordinary tactics as small plates and reasonable prices, Alder has done something out of the ordinary, planting avant-garde cooking in what’s left of downtown alternative culture. It belongs to anybody who wants to see things differently."


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