7/25/2013 05:15:00 PM

New Summer Menu at Supper Has Pork Belly PB&J Skewers

Mitch Prensky just introduced a new menu at South Street’s Supper, and the list is full of fresh fruit and vegetables from the restaurant’s bespoke farm Blue Elephant. However, before we discuss how awesome the pole beans are this year, or how well the summer squash goes with risotto, let’s start with the indulgences: two of the new dishes are “PB PB&J” and “Master Fat.”

That first is pork belly skewers soaked in a peanut butter BBQ sauce and plated with root pepper jelly and fried green onions. The second refers to a whipped fatback spread, served with red onion jam and hot sauce and ready to be schmeared on Texas toast. If you start with those, follow up with “back porch crudites” to get a full sampling of the Blue Elephant veggies (plus there’s pimento cheese on the plate, anyway). Check out the full menu below (215-592-8180).


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