7/03/2013 09:05:00 AM

New Additions: Tapas and Gin Tonics at Bar Ferdinand

Duck with stone fruit and pistachios is new
Chef David Ansill has added three new plates to the already-sizable tapas selection at Bar Ferdinand. Every Ansill duck dish we’ve tasted before has been top notch, so we’re most looking forward to trying the seared duck breast, served over roasted stone fruit with pistachios ($15). Also new is chilled crab served over a generous portion of fresh asparagus, and a round flatbread with house-cured sobrassada swimming in melted fontina and manchego cheese (both $12).

Before you dig into those hearty summer plates, start with one of the new cocktails from the “Gin Tonics” menu. Apparently, Spain has recently discovered the gin and tonic (they leave out the conjunction) and it’s the hottest drink for summer. All the versions in Northern Liberties are made with top shelf spirits - our eyes lit up at the mixture of Bluecoat gin, peach and tarragon - as well as above-average tonic. Check out the full gin tonic list below (215-923-1313).

Gin Tonic Menu at Bar Ferdinand

Old Tom Gin, Fever Tree Tonic, Lime 14
Beefeater Gin, Jack Ruby Tonic, Guindilla 11
Bluecoat Gin, Tomr's Tonic, Peach, Tarragon 12
Plymouth Gin, Jack Ruby Tonic, Ginger, Mint 13
Aviation Gin, Schweppes Tonic, Blackberry, Pink Peppercorns, Citrus Peel 12


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