7/09/2013 09:59:00 AM

Make Fig Preserves With Confituras' Stephanie McClenny

Photo by Casey Woods
Homesteaders, head to Springdale Farm on Thursday, July 18, to learn how to can fruit from the reigning jam and jelly queen, Stephanie McClenny of Confituras. McClenny’s Texas fig preserves took home a Good Food Award in 2012 for its distinct fig, Round Rock honey, white balsamic vinegar and bay leaf combination, and at the class on July 18, you’ll learn how to make and can fig preserves. Springdale Farm has been offering classes all summer, but this is your last chance to learn.

The course is beginner/intermediate level, and equipment and fruit is provided. Plus, you’ll get to take home a jar of expertly made preserves as well as participate in a jam tasting. It doesn’t get any more retro or delicious than that. ($75, July 18, Springdale Farm, 755 Springdale Rd., 4 -7 PM)


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