7/22/2013 09:14:00 PM

Live Blog and Video: San Francisco 30 Under 30, 2013 Edition

News flash: click on the video link above at 7:15 PM PST to see our live show from the San Francisco 30 Under 30 party!

Tonight we're breaking into the vino at San Francisco's Bluxome Street Winery in honor of our latest class of 30 Under 30. No - but seriously - did you see all those barrels, it can't be that hard to get a corkscrew and a funnel, right? We'll be giving updates throughout the evening from the shindig, including a live 30 minute webshow that you can watch right here at 7:15 PM PST. During that chat it is time to ask the crucial questions, like red, or white?

6:13 PM: You can also follow along at home using the hashtag #zagat30under30, because we know you are just that obsessed.

6:18 PM: We're holding off on the wine for now to hit up a cocktail in a teacup for two reasons: 1) it's so adorable we can't even stand it and 2) empty teacups make for good wine stealing vessels.

6:20 PM:  Everyone is filling those benches for a quick little ceremony. Since these are industry vets, we know that we need to get the speeches out of the way first so they can get back to the boozin'.

6:28 PM: Tim and Nina Zagat have taken the stage. Tim: "I thought I'd be the only one wearing a tie in San Francisco."

6:32 PM: The honorees are being called to the stage, and it's truly a diverse group. Not even half of them have gone up and we have a "pork peddler," four co-owners of a culinary incubator and a chocolate maker. Tim was sure to point out that the culinary world is about more than just chefs.

6:39 PM: And here they are - the first ever picture of the 2013 30 under 30. Ok, maybe not the first, you can see those by following #Zagat30under30 on your favorite social media platform.

6:41 PM: Tim gave Nina a shout-out for her deft pronunciation skills. She didn't miss a beat, he said, because "she learned how to pronounce things when she learned how to pronounce "Zagat" (which, for the record, rhymes with "the cat").
7:00 PM: It's T-minus 15 to the live streaming show - tune in right here at 7:15 PST and then come back after for more updates from the par-tay.

8:08 PM: And we're back - you can check out the full live stream on Youtube.com/Zagat tomorrow, but for now, how about a picture of the par-tay. For the record, this DJ is killin' it, or so says Daft Punk. #getlucky

8:24 PM: Dance party has commenced! We so told you about the DJ!! Stay tuned for documentation.

8:25 PM: Fact: "Food system hacker" Tim West is the best dancer. Period.

8:37 PM: Witness: http://instagram.com/p/cF9cS-Pwdm/

8:39 PM: One of the unique things about our SF party is a "parklet," which is apparently a thing in San Francisco. Now, we're not sure what exactly this portable outdoor space is, but it sure is fun being a creeper and staring through the bushes. It must be so, so nice inside those re-purposed wooden walls....

8:50 PM: Ok, we're getting to the bottom of this parklet business. The definition as per Wiktionary:

Parklet: (n) 1. A parking space sized area used for recreational or beautification purposes. 2. A place to find glorious sleep after having one too many at a Zagat 30 Under 30 Party.

9:00 PM: Ok kids, we're off to the after party / to find our bunk in the parklet. Thanks for tuning in tonight, and as is the custom, we'll leave you off with a self portrait. When you see this guy getting arrested for "parklet trespassing" (only a crime in SF), please bail him out.


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