7/23/2013 09:05:00 AM

Le Bec-Fin Lives Again at Vetri; Where Is Perrier’s New Bistro?

Last weekend, Marc Vetri honored the Georges Perrier’s legacy by transforming Vetri into Le Bec-Fin for three nights (the petite Spruce Street dining room was Le Bec’s original home). Writer Frank Bruni was one of the lucky guests at the seven-course prix fixe, and in a piece for the New York Times he gushes over the throwback formal service, the unabashedly rich French fare, and even the silver platters Vetri carefully sourced for the occasion.

His ode to the two Philadelphia chefs and the entire Vetri staff is worth a read. At the end, however, he tosses in a tidbit that perked up our ears: “I’m not done yet. I’m only 69,” Perrier tells Bruni, mentioning a new project he’s working on, “A bistro.” That only leaves us curious - where and when will Perrier rise again? We’ll have to wait and see.


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