7/15/2013 12:09:00 PM

How Many People Actually Went to The Taste of Chicago?

Yesterday was the last day of The Taste of Chicago, an annual food festival struggling due to lack of profits. This year’s festival attracted 1.5 million visitors. That is 300,000 more than last year; however, it is unknown how much money those people spent on toasted ravioli, tacos and turkey legs. Last year, the festival offered fewer options and began charging for admission to music concerts, but it still cost the city $1.3 million. This year, the addition of food trucks may have lessened the finial blow. The Sun-Times reports that it likely was not enough to get the festival out of the red. However, due to its popularity and Chicago’s love of food, The Taste will likely return to hemorrhage money and cheesecake-on-a-sick for another year.


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