7/09/2013 04:30:00 PM

Gluten-Free Korean Fried Chicken Now on the Menu at Meritage

Coll's classic KFC is not gluten-free, but the new version is
Anne Coll is giving gluten-averse eaters and the general dining public a new reason to head to Meritage in Rittenhouse. As of right now, a new, kaffir-lime-curry version of her sought-after Korean fried chicken is on the menu, available every night (not just Thursday only). Plus, the new dish is entirely gluten free.

The breading on Coll’s traditional KFC is actually already gluten free, because she found a mix of rice flour, cornstarch and cornmeal maintains its crispness much better and longer than wheat flour. However, the kicker was the sauce, which did contain gluten. Hence, a new flavor.

Chicken brines for 24 hours in a mix of yellow curry paste, coconut milk, kaffir lime and other spices, and then gets breaded and twice fried. The new sauce is like a curry honey mustard, with whole grain dijon and a little fish sauce. Two pieces of crispy bird are served with braised collard greens - “From my garden!” Coll says, proudly - and a crispy cheese polenta for $17. See you on Lombard Street (215-985-1922).


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