7/10/2013 01:56:00 PM

Get a Sneak Peek of Eric Greenspan's New Grilled Cheese Menu

While we're all still awaiting Eric Greenspan's grilled cheese palace, which, last we heard, is supposed to open sometime this month, you can catch him at an ultra-exclusive preview and cooking demo at the New School of Cooking this Thursday, July 11. The dinner includes six courses of grilled cheese, Stone Brewing beer pairings, a signed apron and chef Greeny's diabolical laugh.

The menu includes creations like smoked salmon, goat cheese, roasted lemon and caviar; open-faced burrata with heirloom cherry tomatoes and crispy bacon on pumpernickel; aged cheddar, mustard, apples and pastrami on sourdough; pork belly, cotija cheese and plantain chile slaw on chocolate bread; shortribs, tallegio and apricot caper puree on raisin walnut bread; and a riff on an Elvis - peanut butter and banana with mascarpone.

The event is basically sold out, but we got word that there are a couple of seats open and available right now. Tickets are $45 per person; get them by emailing kira@newschoolofcooking.com. Starts at 7 PM.


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