7/19/2013 10:00:00 AM

Food Truck of the Week: Windy City Patty Wagon

Photos by Nick Murway
Food Truck of the Week is our weekly tribute to Chicago's booming food truck industry. We highlight the people putting the pedal to the metal in the street food scene.

The good ole paddy wagon, it came in handy in the early 1900s when mobsters needed to be hauled to the slammer. Today, while the antiquated term fades into history and a new Patty Wagon is king of the Chicago streets. This one carries burgers, not criminals. Windy City Patty Wagon is helmed by Danny Herra and now patrolling the city with burgers grilled fresh on the truck. No need to commit a misdemeanor to get its attention, follow its whereabouts a Twitter to try some criminally delicious burgers.

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