7/03/2013 04:19:00 PM

Fliers' Number One Desire? Airport Movie Theaters

Photo by Sara Robertson via Flickr
Rewarmed fast food. Overpriced Bud Light. Cheesy duty free shops. Killing time in an airport can be a daunting prospect. Website Skyscanner asked more than 10,000 fliers what would help the time pass faster. Number one on their wishlist? A movie theater, the Telegraph reports. That's good news for Hong Kong International Airport, which just opened an IMAX and Singapore's Changhi with its cinema. Other desired perks? Sleeping pods, a library, park, vanity area, children's play area, pool, gym, man-made beach and bikes. What do you think? What's on your airport wishlist? Would you take advantage of an airport movie theater?

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  1. I always believe that indoor playground have a very good effect on children's mind and it also helps them to be more active