7/17/2013 04:00:00 PM

First Look: A New Terroni Goes Big Downtown

Terroni's long-awaited second outpost quietly debuted Downtown yesterday - a stunning space fashioned out of a 1924 bank building at 8th and Spring - and we took a quick lunch-time look around. Shereen Arazm, Max Steffanelli and owner Cosi Mammoliti have kind of outdone themselves here, opening a space where the ceilings soar, the high-arched windows let in loads of light, and a huge bar welcomes all in front. The main dining room is centered by the open kitchen, with extra private dining rooms in the back and upstairs. There's a lot of Italian everything, from the chandelier mimicking the Formula One Italian Grand Prix racetrack, to the wall that's like a map of favorite dishes and ingredients (pannetone, capon 'mbuttunato, carote, fagioli) and a disco-y soundtrack bouncing off all that marble.

The menu is similar to the Beverly Boulevard original with all the handmade pastas - we forget the name of the shape we had, but it was like a penne with fried zucchini - fresh salads, pizzas you cut yourself and secondi. The wine list is still very good, with some eclectic Italian wines (white Barbera, anyone?), new specialty cocktails and a "fai da te" menu where you get to pick your own booze, mixers and garnish.

Some things are still being worked out: what time the bar will serve until (though they can stay open until 2 AM) and a wine bar and retail space toward the front is yet to be filled. Still, the place is pretty stunning, and we imagine it will attract the Fashion District set pretty steadily. And brunch is set to debut this weekend (Saturday and Sunday, 11 AM). Take a look around the space, menu and more below (802 S. Spring St.; 323-954-0300).


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