7/08/2013 02:30:00 PM

First Look: Inside a.bar, Opening This Week in Rittenhouse

Later this week, the Philadelphia cocktail scene will get a huge boost when a.bar opens on the corner of 18th and Walnut (a July 9 target date has been pushed back ever so slightly). When proprietor David Fields first asked the Kormans (who own the AKA residences in which the bar is located) what kind of new restaurant they wanted, the answer was, “A nice one.” You could define the resulting venue by what it’s not - not snobby, not a bistro, not a gastropub - but what we can say for sure is that a.bar will be unique in Philadelphia.

Like a.kitchen, the bar in the former Kiehls space is swanky yet welcoming, in an uptown sort of way (wear sandals, sure, but make them nice ones). Unlike its next-door sibling - which is built around an open kitchen - the focus here is drinks, mostly cocktails, though wine and beer are also well-considered. A concise, Asian-inflected menu will provide plenty to nibble on. Click through for more details on what’s in store, and check out the working menus below the photos.


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