7/17/2013 02:32:00 PM

Eight Turn Crepe Asks: Is NYC Ready For the Crepe Cone?

New Yorker's have been down the "make it a cone" route before. K Pizzacone tried to roll the classic NYC slice into a cone, which seemed like a good idea...until everyone actually tried it and the shop quickly went out of business. Well, another up-and-comer is going to try to take Manhattan, cone-style, but this time it's with crepes.

Eight Turn Crepe is a fast-casual eatery that plans to sell Japanese-inspired, made-to-order crepes that you'll be able to carry away with one hand. The SoHo-based eatery will start selling its conical fare on August 1, and the 30 varieties will be made with a rice flour dough that's gluten free and La Colombe coffee and matcha lattes. Hmm - do you think there's any way to roll a Cronut into a cone?


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