7/24/2013 11:39:00 AM

Doughnut Plant Opened a New Location in Tokyo

Mazel tov to the wildly popular Doughnut Plant, which opened a new location in Tokyo last week in the adorable kiosk pictured here, at the Ichigaya railway station. There were actually several Doughnut Plants already in Tokyo, and there are couple in Korea as well, all branded "Doughnut Plant New York City." In case you haven't heard, New York and the U.S. in general are all the rage abroad these days (for food concepts anyway). This new Tokyo Doughnut Plant joins a restaurant in that city called Fort Greene, named (yes) after the Brooklyn neighborhood.


  1. We tried Doughnut Plant in Tokyo a few weeks ago. They are decent for Japan but don't compare to all to the NY locations.

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