7/24/2013 12:30:00 PM

Dimo’s Brings Mac ‘n’ Cheese Pizza to Wicker Park

Signs of the apocalypse: locust, Wrigley Field installing a jumbotron and slices of s’mores pizza arriving at the intersection commonly mislabeled Six Corners. Dimo’s Pizza, the late-night Wrigleyville eatery known for absurd pizza toppings to satisfy drunken munchies, opens its second location today on Damen Ave.

Owner Dimitri Syrkin-Nikolau chose the West Side for his second spot after he noticed much of clientele migrating in that direction (read, all the bros took over the original hipster mecca). With it he brought his signature mac ‘n’ cheese, chicken ‘n’ waffles and steak nacho pizzas. Maybe it is not the end of the world. It turns out the company has a philanthropic side, is bit of a tree hugger and maybe even a little hipster.

Dimo’s opened in Chicago on July 24, 2008, as an expansion of the Madison pizzeria, Ian’s. When Ian’s decided to franchise, the Chicago location became Dimo’s with a new focus on staying small and catering to the neighborhood crowd. The menu expanded according to the tastes of its patrons, and the restaurant began hosting regular “Lab Lunches” to test out new flavors - many of which were vegetarian and vegan.

At the same time, Dimo’s moved into the do-gooder business by working with local schools and artists. The new location kept this commitment to community by installing a rooftop garden, sourcing greens from The Plant and offering free slices with a proof of a bicycle (and a custom coupon). It also features reclaimed wood bookshelves stocked with novels from a recently closed bookstore.

To celebrate its grand opening, Dimo’s is serving $1 slices all day and then welcome a band tonight. They will also soon start hosting Wicker Park “Lab Lunches” to customize the new location’s menu. But likely Syrkin-Nikolau will also learn that a drunken hipster enjoys a 2 AM slice of BBQ chicken pizza just as much as a drunken bro.

1615 N. Damen Ave.; 773-525-7432


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