7/11/2013 02:33:00 PM

Desserts Just Like Mom Used to Make at Rickshaw Republic

There is little arguing that food made by a mom just taste better. They know how to add the right amount of love accentuated with a hint of guilt tripping. This summer at Rickshaw Republic, mom is on the menu – not literally. The Indonesian restaurant will feature guest moms’ takes on traditional Indonesian pastries. Dining in Chicago reports that the idea came to owner Oscar Setiawan because of his passion for collaboration and sharing his family’s cuisine.

Friends and moms of friends close to Setiawan will prepare one or two pastries at the restaurant using ingredients sourced from Asian markets. These include risoles, pastries filled with b├ęchamel, chicken, carrot, and celery as well as dadar gulung, coconut pancake rolls. A different mom and her pastries will be featured each week though August. Don’t worry, the only guilt experienced as a result of these treats is from the calories.


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