7/01/2013 03:00:00 PM

Controversial Ingredients: Chefs Weigh In on 6 Taboo Items

Chilean sea bass; Image via Flickr/L. Richarz
Most U.S. cities are stacked with culturally diverse food options. We can decide on a whim, “I feel like sushi tonight,” or Italian food, or Mexican or barbecue. The list goes on. But just because we can eat almost anything whenever we want it, that doesn’t mean we should. Due to overfishing, animal extinction and health reasons, diners should raise an eyebrow when certain controversial ingredients show up on the menu. Here, we run through six of the most talked-about offenders, along with thoughts and opinions from chefs across the U.S.


  1. I was waiting for some health-conscious information. MSGs have long been off any reasonable person's menu. Nothing else here is remotely interesting.

    A bit of research or a more accurate title might be in order.

  2. How can one be so "health conscious" and be environmentally dim witted?