7/11/2013 02:48:00 PM

Confusing Restaurant Names: Luksus Opens in Greenpoint, But Can You Get a Haircut?

Trend alert! Well, not a trend per se, but there have been a few double-naming situations around town that may cause folks to be confused about what tables they're booking. While it's nearly impossible to get a last minute table at Nomad in the eponymous Flatiron Hotel, you can surely walk in and grab a spot at the North African restaurant of the same name. Carbone is a new hot spot in the West Village, but even seasoned vet Gael Greene got confused when she accidentally booked a table at the other Carbone on West 38th Street.

Now, high-end Luksus has opened in Greenpoint, but don't be surprised if you try to call and are greeted by the question: "cut or trim." The eatery, located in the back of Torst, shares a name with neighboring hair salon Luksus Inc, located a few doors down at 621 Manhattan Avenue (for the record, their number is 718-389-2525). Apparently the name is spelled the same way in Polish and Swedish.


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