7/12/2013 02:40:00 PM

Cocktail Hour: El Gigante Verde at Benji’s Cantina

Benji's on the Fourth of July
Newcomer Benji’s Cantina has gotten a lot of flak for its “farm-to-table” fajitas by the pound. But so far it has impressed customers with its authentic tortillas, tender meats and creative drink menu. For example, the fresh take on an avocado margarita, called El Gigante Verde: Patron Silver tequila, citronge-mixed avocado puree, agave nectar, fresh lime juice and cilantro leaves. The orange, avocado and cilantro combine for a refreshingly citrusy-yet-creamy, very large drink. And if you want to move away from margs, try the house cocktails like the Caballo Prieto, with bourbon, muddled jalapeños, cherries, fresh cilantro and Mexican cola. Regardless, enjoy them all in the El Gusano Bar, a rooftop lounge with a ten-foot fountain and stadium seating.


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