7/24/2013 12:15:00 PM

Clover Moves Opening to Thursday

Clover, Harvard Square
Clover Food Lab is delaying opening its stores for a day, according to a Clover source. The revised opening date also was announced on Clover's blog.

Clover recently shuttered all its stores and food trucks due to an alleged salmonella outbreak and was expected to reopen Wednesday. “Not enough employees have cleared their tests yet,” according to the source.

All four brick-and-mortar locations are slated to open Thursday (with free coffee at breakfast, and free rosemary fries at lunch!) while the food trucks may need a later opening date, such as Monday.

“We’re cleared to operate all of our restaurants,” wrote Clover Founder and CEO Ayr Muir. “As I said, we don’t yet have enough employees cleared to do so, but we’re cleared to go. This is also great news.”


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