7/16/2013 01:30:00 PM

Closings: Nishimura Stops Serving Sushi in August

One of the top sushi dens will be closing soon. Nishimura, annually heralded in the Zagat guide as a "standard-bearer for excellent sushi," will close on August 10 to make way for a second outpost of Venice coffee/wine bar Le Zinque. This is the latest in a string of venerable sushi spots to stop serving recently. Nishiumura held its minimalist spot across from the Pacific Design Center since 2000; Nozawa closed last year after 25 years in the Valley; Morihiro Onodera left Mori Sushi in 2011, even if the restaurant and his name remain. Not that we have a deficit of good sushi around LA, but Nishimura had its place, especially for those with deep pockets (it was often at the top of lists when we asked people, "Where do you eat sushi?"). No word on when Zinque will open. [Eater] (Photo: josewolff/Flickr)


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