7/17/2013 03:10:00 PM

Bridget Dunlap’s Team to Open East Side Italian Restaurant

Fusion spaghetti from Mettle
East Side bistro Mettle is barely open, but the team is already planning another restaurant on East Sixth Street. Chef Andrew Francisco told us today that the new concept is Italian and will open in about a year. Looks like Rainey Street queen Bridget Dunlap is on her way to competing with Deana Saukam for the title of East Side Queen.

“The restaurant will be casual but more coastal, like Sardinian and Sicilian food,” Francisco says. “That will give us more freedom toward Italian food, because then you’ve got Northern Africa and the Mediterranean to play with as well.” Francisco honeymooned in Sardinia long ago and loved the food, and more recently he worked at Vespaio for four years, starting on pasta and working his way up.

The restaurant will be located next to Dario’s in an abandoned upholstery shop, at approximately Chicon and East Sixth Street.

And what’s the name of the place? “Bridget had Ophelia Blue, which I think is a great name for a restaurant, but she’s not sure if it’s right for the Italian place,” Francisco tells us. Anyone care to enter a naming contest?


  1. For the name I suggest

    "Luna di Miele"

    Italian for "Honeymoon"

    From Andrew's father!

  2. I suggest whatever the Italian word is for shitty food.