7/09/2013 01:09:00 PM

Black’s Barbecue: Guess Who’s Coming to San Marcos?

The chopping block at the original Black's, in Lockhart

For years Austinites have driven to Lockhart for the fork-tender brisket at Smitty’s, Kreuz and Black’s. But now general manager and family member Kent Black has announced plans to open a new barbecue joint in the San Marcos area, in an abandoned warehouse at 500 Hull Street. Black told Community Impact:
“I would do something similar to what we have in Lockhart," Black said. "I'm born and raised in that cooking style, and I might have a few tweaks of my own, but it's going to be old-school barbecue."
Lest you go thinking this will be just a meager trailer or shed, the proposal is for a 4,650 square foot space with seating for 100 people and an enormous outdoor area with seating for 50 people. In order to make that happen, the zoning would need to change, which the San Marcos Planning and Zoning Commission will discuss today.

And yeah, the whole wake-up-at-9-AM-and-get-in-line-for-smoked-meat-with-a-cooler-of-beer plan? That will be a thing of the past in San Marcos, since the restaurant would both serve alcohol and plan to be open from 10 AM to midnight. That’ll solve all of our late-night brisket and beer cravings right quick.


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