7/03/2013 02:30:00 PM

Best Thing We Drank Last Night: Catalina Eddy at Connie and Ted's

We may have overdone it last night at Connie and Ted's. There were clams of every ilk - fried Ipswich clams with bellies (again), steamers (again) in puffy fritters, swimming in a spicy Fisherman's stew - oysters, lobster rolls, giant chilled shrimp, crab cakes. There's just too much to choose from on the menu, and our group really dug in. But before we kicked off the gorgefest, we had to sip something that reminded us of summer, this being Fourth of July week and all, and the C&T cocktail menu, although taut and tailored, has that in spades.

There's the Ted's Cup, basically a Pimm's cup with homemade liqueur; the Sailor's Delight with gin and strawberry syrup; and a creamy coffee punch made with LAMILL. This time around we tried the Catalina Eddy, a refreshing rum quaff with a hint of banana from the housemade cordial. We could just shut our eyes and dream we were on a boat heading over to the island for a weekend getaway, not sitting on a bustling restaurant patio in West Hollywood. Unless we were sitting in one of the rockers near the lounge; that would do, too.

It's just the kind of thing you want to be sipping on a warm summer day, and soon you can: Connie and Ted's starts serving lunch on July 12, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays only. And on Monday, July 15, the restaurant will begin service seven days a week. Lunch and dinner every day will come soon after that.


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