7/08/2013 10:35:00 AM

Best Thing We Ate This Weekend: Lancaster Pickle Plate at The Tavern

Historic, cobblestoned Camac Street in Wash West deserves a great restaurant, and after a weekend visit to The Tavern, we’re ready to posit it might have one. The gambit of the new subterranean restaurant below Tavern on Camac is that it serves food through 3 AM nightly, but our first sampling says the menu from chef Mackenzie Hilton is worth a visit any time. Prime example: the Lancaster farm pickle plate.

Housemade pickles are everywhere these days, even more so on the West Coast (Portlandia, anyone?) from where Hilton recently returned. The pickle plate combines techniques picked up during a year and a half in the Bay Area with local bounty. The best part about the sectioned platter was each vegetable tasted unique.

Our favorite was the pickled mushroom - rich and earthy and not at all mushy. Both red and gold beets were snappy and tangy, yet very different from one another. The turmeric that colored the cauliflower yellow also added great flavor, and the multiple kinds of cucumber pickles highlighted how well the classic ingredient takes to vinegar. Add a bowl of house caramel corn to your bar snacks and you’ll be set on all sides of the flavor spectrum (215-545-1102).

Chef Mackenzie Hilton and general manager Randal Mrazik

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  1. I bet it was! Mackenzie was awesome when at Mercato. Glad to see Philly reclaim her again! - Jason