7/15/2013 02:28:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate This Weekend: The Lady Boy at Good Girl Dinette

It was the photos that got us the first time we heard about Good Girl Dinette's new weekend brunch menu, and it happened again. Only this time it was a friend sharing a photo of Red Boat bacon, bacon glazed with delicious Red Boat fish sauce, just when those pesky brunchy hunger pangs started to hit. So we high-tailed it to Highland Park for a taste.

Curtailing our desire to order everything on the menu - we didn't have a group to share black pepper pork confit with coddled egg, tumeric dill hash or maggi steak and eggs - we opted for the one thing we could handle on our own: The Lady Boy, basically a croque madame made with thick strips of that amazing bacon, a spice-scented bechamel sauce and a beautifully fried egg on top. It was rich and utterly delicious, and it in no way needed anything on the side, but we got some sauteed long beans anyway. And another strip of bacon (don't judge). Chef and owner Diep Tran has a way with hand pies, too, so we couldn't leave without give the cherry-apricot pie a test run, which tasted like the very essence of summer wrapped in a perfectly flaky, buttery pocket.


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