7/08/2013 01:49:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate This Weekend: Du-Par's Patriotic Pie

It's really tough to designate just one bite of food we had over that gloriously long holiday weekend as "best," what with all the barbecue, fried chicken, deliciously juicy peaches and plums, heirloom tomato salads and so many other fantastic summer foods, but the pie we had from Du-par's on the Fourth of July takes the, er, cake.

We haven't had pancakes, let alone pie, from the bakery and diner since forever, but the Studio City location drew us in for breakfast. The place was packed, so while we waited for a table, we eyed the pie case. Slim pickings. But a miraculous thing happened when we went to pay our bill: the case was full of cream pies and fruit pies, like this beautiful patriotic cherry and blueberry pie. The stars and stripes had us, but the fruit - really juicy blueberries and real cherries - was really the reason we chose it. Topped with a huge dollop of fresh whipped cream, we couldn't feel any more American pride than at that very moment.


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