7/10/2013 02:00:00 PM

Beer Floats With Sassafras-Flavored Ice Cream at Sassafras

Summer. Ice Cream. Beer. These things go hand in hand in hand, and now you can enjoy all three together at Sassafras in Old City. Proprietor Donal McCoy created a sassafras-flavored ice cream, delicious in its own right, with a creamy, root-beer-like flavor. You can order it by the bowl for $8, but even better is a scoop in one of four brews for a frosty beer float.

Our favorite combo is the sassafras ice cream in a glass of Kasteel Rouge, a Belgian sour cherry ale. The float made with Crabbie’s ginger beer is also hard to stop slurping up - the two flavors are natural complements. Young’s Chocolate Stout is another no-brainer match for the ice cream, and McCoy also suggests making a float with Rodenbach. Each option runs you just $10, and will hit the spot on a hot summer day (215-925-2317).


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